i just finished watching a historical drama made by filipino film makers, aishite imasu 1941 [mahal kita]. it is by far one of the few films that i actually enjoyed and admired at the same time. i never can have them both while watchign a filipino made movie. most of the time ill be entertained by their idiotic antics on their comedies, their irritating dramatic wannabes, their poor quality filmmaking, and unimaginative scripts. i always thought that filipinos are very smart but they seldom use it in right terms. i am not, at any rate, a good movie critic but just a movie fanatic who knows what she wants in a movie.

a good storyline that develops characters pretty well without overwhelming the plot is on eof the first rules of making a good movie. Another one is getting the actors who knows how to act and not just to make pa-cute on screen. Good directing skills and cinematography skills should also be in place. the rest are just an icing to the cake.

this movie made me cry my heart out which i have never done for a filipino movie since dekada 70.
the story was very well thought of. the story is not scattered, unlike a lot of philippine movies. th script was very well thought and lines were delivered perfectly by the actors. joel lamangan did a great job encouraging the best artists who played the characters. although the overall set is not as impressive as i thought it should be, the overall performance and story development oovered that up.

dennis trillo, jay manalo & angelu de leon (arggghh…i hate angelu because she’s a bitch in person but she portrayed a very good villain) did a very good job…and i mean veryyyy good! i have never heard of dennis trillo but he deserved the mmff best supporting actor award with that performance. he was very convincing as gay and is very beautiful too -or handsome. jay manalo, as usual, delivers an outstanding performance just by the way he acted out these scenec and more so in delivering his lines. (in my opinion, it was him and jay manalo who played the lead roles and not judy ann & raymart santiago). judy ann will always be good in crying but i dont see it as a from of acting. raymart santiago doesnt really have too much input on that movie. he couldve been not there at all. the others, in supporting roles such as tony mabesa, jacklyn jose, anita linda & the older gay person are critically acclaimed already as they are very good in their craft.

i love this movie. along with dekada 70, bata bata paano ka ginawa & madrasta, aishite imasu gets the 5 stars from me. highly recommended! a tear jerker at the end!

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