I woke my significant other with my giggles at 8:30 am (that’s early for us, mind you!) because of this cool app on my iPad called Stumble Upon. I stumbled on several humorous sites and some very cool ones!

Menacing Threats of Soon : This is such an ingenious way to make fun of these pictures. I was laughing os hard I thought I was going to poop myself! I don’t know about you but i can laugh at the most obscure things. It isn’t hard for me to find something to laugh about, especially as cute and menacing these pictures are 🙂

To Do List : I know I will be adding more on this list but what a place to start these to-do-list ideas! I want to see how people would react with number 2 (go figure!) “Hire two private investigators. Get them to follow each other”. I tried imagining what they would do and I ended up crying/laughing at the same time!

Did Ya Know? : Well, I sure hell didn’t! It was so laughable as it was also disgusting! I really didn’t need to know that I will be eating some pubic hairs from restaurant food in my lifetime. I don’t care if it is lifetime or 3 days, those are nasty ass pubic hairs! Ugh!

Men Vs Women Compilation :  This is so true! I showed this to my significant other and voila! I had an instant giggling partner (he can relate!). Men are such babies…jeez. LOL

Ten Most Extreme Substances To Man : I will never, ever, EVER go near a fluoroantimonic acid. Or an Alien for that matter…No acids, period! But the article doesn’t stop there. It enumerated 9 other substances that I really don’t care for! It was interesting to know though 😛

Good, Better Best : I would like to speed at Oregon please!

GOOD A Bend ,Oregon policeman had a perfect spot to watch for speeders, but wasn’t getting many. Then he discovered the problem–a 12-year-old boy was standing up the road with a hand painted sign, which read ‘RADAR TRAP AHEAD.’ The officer also found the boy had an accomplice who was down the road with a sign reading ‘TIPS’ and a bucket full of money. (And we used to just sell lemonade!)

BETTER A motorist was mailed a picture of his car speeding through an automated radar post in Pendleton, Oregon. A $40 speeding ticket was included. Being cute, he sent the police department a picture of $40. The police responded with another mailed photo of handcuffs.

BEST A young woman was pulled over for speeding. An Oregon State Trooper walked to her car window, flipping open his ticket book. She said, “I bet you are going to sell me a ticket to the State Trooper’s Ball.” He replied, “Oregon State Troopers don’t have balls.” There was a moment of silence. He then closed his book, tipped his hat, got back in his patrol car and left.

So there you have it, invisible girls and boys! That was my rant for today. Maybe I’ll do some other stuff tomorrow…or not.

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