We got an old piano from a garage sale for free!

It is a Grinnell Brothers Detroit – Stinnett piano. I am not sure how old it is but it looks pretty darn old. Despite its age, I should say that I am able to play decent sounding piano pieces on it. The keys are yellowish with stickers on it. It seems like it was used to teach kids on how to play piano. The exterior was worn but not extremely battered. It smelled musty but after a wipe down of good ‘ol white vinegar and Febreeze, it smelled better. Vacuuming the inside part wasn’t so bad either. We just had to make sure that there were no creatures – dead or alive – in that compartment.

I started scraping out the stickers and the piano tuner completed his task today for $75.00. He din’t fix the sticky keys but told us how to clean / fix it. I must admit it sounded better after it was tuned.

I still remember playing 2 of my childhood pieces that was drilled to my head. Fur Elise and Looking Through the Eyes of Love. I am currently practicing easy piano pieces including Edelweiss and Blue Danube.

Also trying to find internet sites that will let me see beginners / easy piano sheets to practice. 8notes.com seems to be one of the best for free sheet music.

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