Romantic movies dominates the chick flick industry. I cannot deny the fact that these movies will make your heart melt and question the credibility of your boyfriend / spouse love testament. Reach out for the tissues for a snot rocket fest!

1. A Walk To Remember  – This one will definitely will make you cry up a  storm. The book of Nicholas Sparks and the movie adaptation have very small similarity but the essence of the story remains. You will remember every single scene but Mandy Moore will stand out on her performance of the song “Only Hope”.

2. Pride & Prejudice – Without the zombies of course! Another book adaptation of Jane Austen that uses great acting talents such as Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen. It such a classic! It makes me want to call my hubby, Mr. Darcy!

3. Somewhere in Time – If you do not know this movie, it is about time that you do! What are you waiting for? Time travel and love story rolled in one makes this movie very appealing. A classic from the 1980’s that features both beautiful and talented, Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour. I’d like to visit the MacKinac Island, Michigan. There are four words on this movie that will haunt me forever “Come back to me…”

4. Message in a Bottle – I am not sure why I am so smitten with Nicholas Sparks movie adaptations but this is one of those that I can watch over and over again then cry every single time without fail. Kevin Costner moves away from those gosh awful epic movies and graced us with a dramatic performance that made me fall for him after “The Bodyguard”. Robin Wright’s character makes me want to jump on every opportunity to spend my days with my hubby…

5. Pretty Woman – The famous breakout movie of Julia Roberts is fun, flirtatious, and a modern fairy tale to remember. From rags to riches movies always appeal to the masses. It exemplifies the dream of most ambitious girls – true love in the form of a rich, handsome bachelor like Richard Gere. Who could resist?

6. Ever After – There are so many adaptation of the CInderella classic but this movie is very different from most of them. Drew Barrymore’s portrayal of my favorite princess made me see a different side her character. She was always portrayed as shy & delicate but I see her more like how Drew portrayed her : outspoken, courageous, compassionate, independent, and resourceful! She doesn’t need to be rescued. She just needed the man that would stand up for her. Fun adn heartwarming. Its a must see!

7. An Affair to Remember – Another true classic from the 1950’s that stars Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, the movie plot has  been re-hashed several times in Hollywood but none can capture the true magic of their love story. There is an enigmatic appeal to women when love is tried and tested to be everything they ever dreamed of regardless of the circumstances.

8. The Notebook – If this isn’t what true love is, then I don’t know what else it can be. If there is a movie that made me feel like my heart is being pinched with heartache, my body being scorched with desire and fury, and the youthful indulgence of a summer love, this is IT! Outstanding performance by Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, James Garner, and Gene Rowland.

9. 50 First Dates – This is the only romantic comedy that made this list and for a good reason. The movie does not only makes you  laugh at Adam Sandler and his crazy antics but it also makes you wonder how you can make a woman fall in love again and again and again. Crazy as it sounds, I think this movie is a must for couples who think their relationship is getting bland. Liven it up a bit with minimal effort. If you found the one, it isn’t hard to fall in love over and over again. Give it some effort, will ya?

10. The Lake House – Whoa. That’s Neo for you. I mean that guy who played Neo in Matrix and Sandra Bullock. Cool combination. Their acting was ok but the storyline was much better. I guess I have this thing about time travel and waiting for your true love. Its bizarre, unique and unbelievably heartwarming.

I have some other that didn’t make it to the list above but are worth mentioning…

– PS I Love you, Love Actually, Titanic, Ghost, Casa Blanca


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