We watched Alien (1979) movie last night and I have to agree about the reviews it got.

It was an awesome “sci-fi/horror/thriller” movie because Ridley Scott put forth an outstanding plot, cast, and thrilling experience that holds its place even in this modern day and age of computer graphic animation. My favorite part of this movie is the alien itself. It was life-like and creepy. I did not really think there was a human being behind that Alien creepy-nasty suit of guts, but after looking up the cast and trivia @ IMDB, I found out that this was no robotic imagery but an actual human being of 7′ ‘2″ height!

Bodaji Badejo is a Nigerian student in London, born 1953 (according to IMDB). Check this one and only trivia:

IMDB Trivia

His role as the title character (the Alien) in Alien (1979) was practically tailor-made to suit him. Badejo was a young African design student when he was picked up from a bar by Ridley Scott (director of ‘Alien’). He was as big as Scott wanted the alien to be: at least two metres (6ft 7in) tall. In fact, he stood at well over 7ft. It was Scott’s intention to create a monster that looked as if no human could be behind the mask. It was to be long and angular, with an impossible frame that only a few men would be able to fill. Badejo filled the role.

I felt privileged and cheated. Privileged because its like an inside knowledge of the Alien “alien”; Cheated because he could’ve have done more for the movie industry as he did portrayed the creepiness of that role perfectly! Salute to Mr. Badejo wherever you may be!

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