Yup, I am a teeny tiny zygote in the realm of photography.

I love photographs. Like blogs, they are a visual imprint of a person. It invokes emotions and memories far deep in our subconcious. Its a reminiscing tool for us that are too caught up with the realities of light like the mountain of bills to be paid hiding in the kitchen drawer.

I started taking photographs as a child. I think my dad bought that for me because my mom left me when I was really young but thats another story to tell.

This is the kind of camera my father bought me then. an old point and shoot camera that uses negatives (which is now almost obsolete!). I used to go on vacation to my cousins house in the province and there I developed my taste for photography. I took pictures of everything although I am only allowed to take a total of 120 pictures in 2 months time. Developing said films were not that cheap so I only have 5 films with 24 shots each. I took picture of my cousins, the beach, our paperdolls, JellyAce, and most importantly, the candid (and not so candid – tee hee) shots of my crush at that time. Too bad my ugly half-sisters (not really ugly – I just thought they were mean to me when I was young), sequestered and probably misplaced of destroyed all my personal belongings when I ran away from home (which is again, another story to tell). End Story: no photo souvenirs from my childhood photography sessions! BOO HOOOOOO!

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